Designed for railway enthusiasts, Walthers has been manufacturing and distributing quality model railroad equipment since 1932.

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The Overview

  • Integrated Walther’s custom ERP with Magento
  • Produced a site navigation and filtering system to simplify and advance product searches
  • Employed predictive text to make it easier for customers to find what they need
  • Installed a drop-down navigation feature to eliminate confusion, making the site easier to navigate
  • Increased site responsiveness through a new user interface
  • Revamped the Yardmaster Club to improve membership experience

The Goal: Creating a Model E-Commerce Experience

Walthers knew their extensive online inventory was overwhelming to customers. In order to increase online sales, they needed to improve the shopping experience on walthers.com. To do this, a new user interface would have to be employed—one that was responsive as well as easier to navigate and search.


The Solution: Putting Site Navigation on Track

Creating an easy-to-navigate e-commerce site for more than 200,000 products was not an easy task. Using Magento, our experts designed advanced search features, added custom attributes to product filters and drop-down navigation to eliminate confusion. Predictive text and mouse control were utilized to make it easier for shoppers to find what they need, faster. Swarming Technology also helped Walthers redesign their Yardmasters Club, creating a more exclusive and personalized experience for members.

Migrating Walther’s inventory data into a new format, our developers created custom integrations to connect their ERP to Magento. This provided an efficient way to cross-check inventory with orders placed online, mitigating the risk of selling sold-out products. In fact, these custom integrations automatically allow Magento to update when items are added or removed from Walther’s ERP. Likewise, customer data was integrated to make marketing, billing and shipping a breeze.

The Results:

From drop-down navigation, to category callouts, and spelling assistance, customers can now search Walther’s large inventory with ease. Thanks to the site’s new responsive user interface, Walthers can effortlessly stay on top of orders and connect with customers. Additionally, the new Yardmasters Club is now able to offer special pricing for members, encouraging repeat sales and increasing customer loyalty.

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