A nationally recognized business, Usinger’s has been making sausage using original family recipes for over 130 years.

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The Overview

  • Created a unique, modern responsive design to capture mobile and tablet sales
  • Enhanced SEO for gift store by creating a sorted gift selection
  • Added in a Google API to help customers use valid shipping addresses
  • Streamlined shipping charges based on weight and location in the deli store
  • Enhanced the multiple address shipping process by recording recipients and auto-determined the multi-shipping checkout process
  • Implemented a mobile-friendly slide-out shopping cart for each of Usinger's two stores

The Goal: Beefing Up the E-Commerce Experience

Aware that their e-commerce site was losing mobile traffic, Usinger’s approached Swarming looking for a complete redesign. With two stores to promote, they needed a site that would showcase both their online Deli and Gift Shop. Usinger’s also wanted to simplify the delivery process, making it effortless for customers to ship items to multiple addresses.


The Solution: One Site, One Cart, Two Stores

Using Magento, Swarming’s experts designed a new responsive e-commerce experience — one that made it easy to shop both of Usinger’s stores from one site. By implementing an updated category structure, our developers made it simple to find and search items by various sub-categories and attributes. New categories and drop-down menus, enhanced by enticing images of Usinger’s products, also add to the site’s shopping appeal.

To enhance delivery options across the two sites, Swarming reinvented the delivery processes, as well as customized the shipping options for each store. In the gift store, we allowed customers to assign recipients to specific products and simplified the process to ship to multiple addresses from one checkout. In the deli store, we implemented a flat-rate shipping option based on weight and the delivery location which allowed customers to be able to calculate shipping totals prior to purchase solving a major pain point for Usinger’s. To make shopping even easier, we enhanced the address book feature for trouble-free re-ordering and gift giving.

In order to accommodate mobile devices, we also implemented slide-outs cart for each of the stores. This feature allows customers to view and manage their cart at any time, without leaving the page they’re on.

The Results:

Creating a visually focused layout, our designers made navigating between Usinger’s online Deli Store and Gift Shop a breeze. By integrating product filters and categories, our developers were able to improve the site’s SEO rankings while making it easier to shop. Likewise, the slide-out cart feature makes it effortless to purchase from each of the stores on any device. Finally, incorporating dynamic flat-rate shipping and multiple-address delivery helps the new be ideal for gift giving.

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