Featuring a vast selection of neckwear and related accessories, Tiemart offers quality products at affordable prices to men, women, and children.

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The Overview

  • Implemented a single shopping cart across all five websites
  • Improved the shopping experience for mobile users featuring a slide-out cart design
  • Full migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Provided strategy and implementation for custom product filtering with a predictive search component
  • Increased consumer interaction with products through ratings and reviews

The Goal: Dressing Up the User Experience

Tiemart wanted to offer their users a custom experience — one that portrayed the quality of their products while being easy to navigate and shop on any device. Focusing on the importance of a streamlined shopping experience across five different sites, they came to us for assistance.


The Solution: One Cart to Shop Them All

Using Magento, our experts integrated a modern, one page checkout process. Incorporating a slide-out cart design, our team was also able to create a fluid shopping experience — one that allows customers to view their cart without having to leave their current page. This feature, along with a mobile-friendly keypad, made completing a purchase from a mobile device simple and convenient.

To make navigating Tiemart’s growing collection of products easier, our experts segmented product data to implement a predictive search component. Using complex algorithms, the site can now help customers find exactly what they’re looking for, and even recommend other products based on their search.

Swarming also integrated Yotpo, a user-generated content solution tool to help bring attention to Tiemart’s high-quality products via customer reviews.


The Results:

Since launching their Swarming-designed responsive websites, sales on Tiemart have continuously grown year over year. Likewise, the mobile-friendly slide-out cart design and keyboard skyrocketed conversion rates on mobile devices. Tiemart also leveraged customer reviews on Yotpo to increase their brand awareness, gaining new customers every day.

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