Project Rescue

The team at Swarming Technology is always ready to roll our sleeves and dive-in.


When Your Magento Project Is Stranded, We Can Bring It Home

Are you trapped in an everlasting development project? Has your development team hit a wall they just can’t seem to crack? We know there’s nothing more frustrating than a project that’s seemingly hit a dead end. At Swarming Technology, we’ve earned a reputation for diving into messy projects and pushing them across the finish line. We can help you address a variety of issues you may be having with your existing Magento project, such as:

  • Incomplete Magento builds, upgrades or migrations
  • Slow site performance and poor user experience
  • Problematic integrations
  • Lackluster project management and communication

Why Choose Swarming Technology?

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Swarming’s years of e-commerce expertise across numerous industries.

  • Agile Development Strategy

    No matter where your project stands, our team is ready to dive-in. Our agile development strategy allows us to quickly and efficiently get your project back on track. Whether it’s a new site build, design overhaul, or complex integration, we can quickly identify the problem and work with you on an efficient solution.

  • Seamless Project Management

    Our project management team will stay in constant communication so you know where your project stands and what it takes to get it across the finish line. We’ll meet with your team regularly to identify potential bottlenecks and consult with you to maximize your return on investment.

  • Develop Ecommerce Roadmap

    When the project’s complete, we won’t leave you high and dry. Our account management team will work with your business to make continuous improvements that sets you apart from the competition. With our team of strategists and project managers, we ensure you’ll have a high-end e-commerce offering for years to come.

Our Process

Understand Your Project

We’ll spend the time getting to know your business and customize a rescue plan that aligns best with your organization’s eCommerce strategy. Whether your internal team needs extra help or you need our team to take the baton and run with it, we’ll come up with a plan that works best for you.


Review What's Been Done

In order for us to make the best possible recommendation for your organization, Swarming’s team of eCommerce engineers will review the current state of your project. We’ll review the work that’s been done and evaluate the best course of action to get the project across the finish line.


Determine Your Solution

In order for us to make the best possible recommendation for your organization, Swarming’s team of e-commerce engineers will review the current state of your consumer-facing site as well as it’s backend architecture. Our site audit process includes a thorough review of your web environment as well as a technology roadmap document that lists our team’s initial findings and recommended action plan.

Are you ready to crossthe finish line?
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