Unlock a new revenue stream by leveraging Sarus and Magento to easily author, publish and sell online courses.

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Easily Author, Publish and Sell Online Courses

Swarming Technology has partnered with to provide a robust course authoring and publishing platform that seamlessly integrates with the Magento platform. Sarus, a SaaS platform, includes a Magento 1 and Magento 2 extension that streamlines the integration process, providing key features such as automatic course fulfillment, single sign-on (SSO), and one-click course publishing.

 With Sarus you can:

  • Easily create and maintain online courses

    Sarus offers drag-and-drop course authoring, making it simple to create and maintain dynamic courses.

  • Efficiently sell and deliver a variety of courses and digital products

    From live webinars to video training, Sarus makes it easy to sell and deliver flexible courses and digital resources on your own Magento store.

  • Accurately measure engagement

    Sarus provides meaningful analytics about your courses and participants. Drive further engagement and sales of products from your course content.

  • Deliver a seamless user experience with Single Sign-On

    Sarus, combined with the Sarus Magento extension, makes it easy to provide a seamless experience for your customers with single sign-on support and automatic course fulfillment. Customers can use their Magento credentials to log into both platforms, eliminating potential confusion and the need for separate credentials.

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Case Study – Sarus for BrainMD Health

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