Garden Maker Naturals

Garden Maker Naturals provides custom-mixed, organic fertilizer tailored to fit the growing needs of every garden.

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Garden Maker Naturals

The Overview

  • Built a Magento 2 site for a new business adventure
  • Delivered MVP on a time-sensitive launch date
  • Created a custom Build-Your-Own product configurator
  • Delivered a WordPress integration with Magento 2
  • Collaborated with a third-party design team
  • Provided successful post go-live training

The Goal: Building a Better Mix

Garden Maker Naturals wanted to expand their business into the realm of e-commerce in order to increase their order handling capacity and improve the ordering experience for the customer. With a wide variety of ingredients and multiple bag sizes to choose from, they aimed to create a blend creation experience as unique as every garden.

The Solution: A Blooming Success

Swarming’s development team worked together with McCord Design in order to come up with a user experience that reinvented the way people shop for fertilizer. Using the Magento 2 platform, our experts developed a configuration tool which allowed shoppers maximum flexibility in customizing their own unique blend, while also providing real-time feedback on nutrients and cost.

Now, when customers visit Garden Maker’s e-commerce site from any device, they can easily build the perfect fertilizer based on the type of plants they wish to grow -- or they can simply re-order a favorite blend they’ve already created under its own unique name.

The Results:

From signature blends to custom mixes, it’s now easy and fun for customers to shop Garden Maker Naturals for the perfect fertilizer. Swarming's post go-live training sessions have empowered the team at Garden Maker Naturals to be able to update and maintain their own site and they couldn't be happier with the end product.

They [Swarming Technology] provide a great product and are great people to work with. They actually delivered the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Bryan Kretzinger
Director of IT, BMS Logistics, a parent company of Garden Maker Naturals

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