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Supplying quality, one-piece pajamas since 2009, Forever Lazy offers a variety of lazy loungewear products for both adults and kids.

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Forever Lazy

The Overview

  • Developed a customized component for embroidery options to simplify personalization
  • Modernized the overall look and feel of the site
  • Customized UI pieces, such as size charts, personalization tools and currency calculator
  • Designed an inventory control solution

The Goal: Dreaming of a Modern Experience

Forever Lazy approached Swarming with a dated, inefficient e-commerce site. Looking to modernize their online shopping experience, the company wanted a site that was responsive and easily accessed from any device.

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The Solution: Designing the Cat's Pajamas

Breathing new life into Forever Lazy’s Magento design, our team set out to create a better way to shop for onesies of all designs and sizes. Implementing a new user interface for product customization, we streamlined the personalization process. Condensing and simplifying fit information, we restyled the size chart to be more straightforward. Likewise, we employed a collapsible menu for a cleaner design and effortless navigation.

Since Forever Lazy ships worldwide, we also designed the site to accommodate shoppers from different countries. Now, users can manually set their currency using a simple drop-down menu located at the top of the page.

Swarming also provided a solution for advanced control over stock items, allowing Forever Lazy to better manage its inventory.

The Results:

With better inventory management and a fluid site design, Forever Lazy customers can effortlessly shop for onesies of all styles and sizes thanks to Swarming. From PJ personalization to currency, now provides an intuitive experience for all users, no matter the device.

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