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As a company dedicated to helping people feel better, BrainMD Health offers a variety of nutritional supplements and educational courses which help improve cognitive function and wellbeing.

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BrainMD Health

The Overview

  • Integrated a online course solution that allows BrainMD Health to manage and sell their e-courses seamlessly on the Magento platform
  • Streamlined the subscription and auto-delivery process
  • Created a loyalty and rewards program
  • Advanced marketing platforms integrated with Magento

The Goal: Building a healthier e-commerce experience.

With their focus on auto-replenishment services, subscription-based transactions, and online education, BrainMD was looking to resolve chronic issues due to the un-processing of orders which compromised sales and user experience. In order to improve customer experience and increase revenue, BrainMD turned to Swarming for help.

The Solution: Taking the issues out of subscriptions.

Our developers were able to leverage the Magento platform, along with several custom integrations, in order to transform into an easily managed, user-friendly e-commerce site.

We partnered with Sarus - an online course delivery platform that specifically caters to Magento- which allowed our team to create a custom interface between their service and the BrainMD website. This solution provided a systematic approach to the process in which customers purchased and participated in e-learning courses.

By integrating Subscribe Pro, our team created a streamlined subscription process which encouraged return customers to participate in a seamless auto-delivery service. This integration also enabled BrainMD to send targeted email reminders and cross-sell products effectively.

Swarming then implemented Sweet Tooth in order to empower BrainMD to design a loyalty program which was capable of rewarding and retaining customers.

Finally, in order to increase BrainMD’s social footprint, we crafted a unique long-tail search engine marketing (SEM) design, and integrated Facebook’s Open Graph protocol for improved sharing metadata.

The Results:

Thanks to Swarming’s solutions, BrainMD experienced a 14.2% growth in revenue after implementing Sarus. Auto-delivery subscriptions also greatly increased through Subscribe Pro, and customer retention skyrocketed with the integration of Sweet Tooth for the BrainMD Rewards Club. Additionally, the company saw an improvement not only in their capabilities for stronger email and lifecycle marketing, but also with their overall ability to effectively drive revenue through digital marketing automation.

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