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From restaurants to hotels and hospitals, Boelter proudly supplies the tools businesses need to thrive in the service industry.

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Boelter Beverage

The Overview

  • Customized responsive design to fit the category taxonomy of the SAP system
  • Implemented a new B2B commerce concept tailored for a unique market
  • Created seamless cart–to-quote integration on the Magento platform
  • Deployed a mobile-ready customizable product configurator
  • Integration with SAP to streamline fulfillment

The Goal: Designing a better pour.

Looking to redesign their current business-to-business site for the beverage industry, Boelter Beverage approached Swarming Technology for their e-commerce expertise. They were determined to find an easier way to purchase customizable barware for commercial use than what their current site allowed. The Boelter team encountered a few unique challenges, including the requirement of cart-to-quote functionality, an easy way to manage content, as well as, unique pricing tiers for products customized to each customer through their SAP.

The Solution: A toast to success.

Swarming Technology migrated onto the Magento platform, creating a simplified, e-commerce experience for Boelter’s clientele. In effort to make ordering custom glassware easier, Swarming integrated Artifi, a service that allows customers to upload images, add text to glassware, and view a digital rendering of their design prior to ordering.

Putting the focus on Boelter’s products, the site makes it easy for new customers to request a quote from the Boelter sales team through our cart-to-quote functionality. Our experts also incorporated exclusive multiple pricing tiers for each customer which are only visible once they have logged into their account. This allows a customer to see discounts on bulk orders upfront, instead of having to wait to hear back from the Boelter sales team. Boelter is in full control of all their products and pricing through their SAP.

To help Boelter manage site content and drive traffic to, we also integrated Wordpress into their new Magento store.

The Results:

The new website has become a gateway for new customers. Since its launch, customer response times improved and first-time orders increased. Using pricing tiers has made it more convenient for customers to reorder products they know and love. Likewise, integrating Artifi made designing custom glassware quick and simple, eliminating the wait time to see a digital rendering, giving customers a better feel for the end product. Finally, incorporating WordPress made it possible for the team to enhance their online content, share marketing materials and increase SEO.

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