Why Upgrade to Magento® 2?

So you’re a business owner and you’ve chosen Magento as your ecommerce platform. Your ecommerce store is profitable. You’ve kept up with Magento’s security patches, selected and integrated extensions, updated the open-source platform and more. Things are running smoothly and then a new platform gets released. You’re wondering, “Should I make the switch to Magento 2?”

As an entirely new platform, many users do not to want to rebuild their website. I get it. You’ve invested a bunch of time and money into making your business successful and learning your ecommerce platform. However, without change, you’re limiting the possibilities of increasing your revenue. So why not invest in the future?

Optimize Your Ecommerce Performance

You might be saying, “I’m satisfied with the performance of Magento 1.” 
Magento 2 supports PHP7 natively and has improved overall performance. Overall improved performance means faster page load times and improved search engine rankings. As such, improved search engine rankings increases the amount of traffic to your ecommerce store, which increases conversions. And, as you already know, increased conversions means more revenue for your business. So really the main question to ask is, “Who doesn’t want to make more revenue?”

Don’t believe that performance and page load time matters? A study done on Amazon concluded that Amazon sales decreased by 1% for every 100ms delay in page load. For Google, their 500ms delay in page load reduced their revenue by twenty percent. So, if your website currently has a 500ms delay in page load, you could potentially be losing out on 5% or more in revenue.

Magento 1 Discontinued

While Magento 1 may fit the needs of your business today, I challenge you to ask, “Will this platform continue to fit the needs of my business in the future?” It’s been announced that Magento 1 is no longer supported. While not going obsolete, the platform will not be gaining any new features, enhancements, or security patches unless of course, you build them. And, as you probably already know, building custom features and enhancements costs time and money.

Ecommerce Device Responsiveness

Further, it’s inevitable that more and more customers are shopping on tablets and mobile devices. Magento 2 has significantly improved its responsiveness and improved its checkout process which automatically delivers an improved user experience and encourages repeat customers. Can we say, “Cha-ching?”
Perhaps you’re thinking, “Well, Magento 2 extensions aren’t plentiful yet.” While this may be true, Magento 2 extensions are also going through an improved submission and testing process which means optimized coding and performance. This translates to better quality, which in turn, saves you time and money. Plus, on the Magento 2 platform some common extensions are already built-in such as payment processing options. Think Paypal and Braintree. This eliminates the need for even buying and maintaining those extensions, ultimately increasing your overall savings.

Did you know that with Magento 2 you can manage both business and retails sales on one single platform?

Magento 2 Commerce comes with out-of-box features such as Custom Catalogs, Quote Management and Corporate Accounts with credit limits designed specifically for you to sell to other businesses. Therefore, if you are a B2B business, you no longer have to build out custom features, and if you are currently selling B2C, you have the option to expand into B2B.

What are some other benefits?

Well, Magento improved the admin panel which means you get to save time managing your online store! With a more intuitive interface, the admin panel is easier to learn, allows users to create products faster, and enables a user to customize their store’s appearance without extensive coding knowledge using drag and drop layout editing. I’ll put that in the win column.

Are you ready to upgrade your Magento store yet?

If yes, Swarming Technology would love to hear from you! With our extensive Magento knowledge, we can help put together a roadmap with you to ensure your online business is successful for years to come.

Are you still not convinced or ready to upgrade? That’s okay too, but may I recommend at the very least to start a conversation with a Magento Solutions partner about a long-term transition plan? Don’t have one? Not a problem because I happen to know a certified Magento Solutions partner that is more than willing to help…Swarming Technology! And yes, we sincerely do hope to hear from you soon!