Magento 2 Store Credit Extension

Calling all Magento Open Source Store Owners, Marketers and the like!

Did you know one of the best ways to help retain your valuable sales is by offering your customers store credit?

If you are on Magento Open Source, this feature does not come out of the box. Have no fear though, Swarming Technology created a new extension, Store Credit, that allows you to add credit to your Magento Open Source store.

Store Credit Customization

With a store credit extension, you are able to customize the credit name, value and currency to fit your website's needs. Yes, it really does not matter whether your ‘credit’ comes in the form of points, dollars, cash, bucks, perks, or whatever you desire to call it. Yes, it does not matter what country your store is in because the currency is editable. Yes, you really can provide a seamless brand experience for your customers by having this flexibility with our extension.

Magento 2 Open Store Credit Extension

Additionally, this extension allows you to offer your customer refunds — including partial refunds. By doing so, you’re able to keep more money in your store and increase customer loyalty.

Don’t want to have a bunch of store credit sitting out there unused for long periods of time?

No problem! Increase the urgency for a customer to use their store credit by setting an expiration date on it. We even set up the ability for you to customize email notifications to alert your customers that their store credit is expiring. In fact, you can customize any email notification to your customers based on the actions they take. Further, with an easy-to-view dashboard, customers can log in to their account and view transactions, balances and more.

Magento 2 Open Store Credit Extension 2

Do you want to give your customers credit for being loyal?

The Magento 2 extension also allows you to manually add or subtract credit for customers. It also offers the ability for you, a store owner, to view a list of customers who have used or are using Store Credit right within the Magento admin panel.

Easy Magento 2 Extension to Install

Lastly, adding Magento extensions can sometimes be complicated. With an easy to install and configure instruction manual, you can get your Store Credit extension up and running in no time.

Do you want to give your store credit a unique look?

This extension is also 100% Open Source, so it can be edited as needed and supports API and other modules.

If you’d like to purchase this extension, you can buy it from the Magento Marketplace, or contact us. We’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.