Digital Marketing

  1. Navigating Your Ecommerce Site

    Navigating Your Ecommerce Site

    Creating effective navigation for your e-commerce site is critical to creating a great user experience and maximizing your conversion rate. In this post, we outline a few considerations to make when creating navigation for your product catalog.

  2. To DIY Your Ecommerce Website or Hire a Professional

    To DIY Your Ecommerce Website or Hire a Professional

    Tackling a new website project can be overwhelming – especially with all of the platforms, hosting providers, design, content, and development partners to consider. Choosing to take on the project yourself or selecting the right development partner is an important decision in your project’s success.

  3. Tips for Designing Effective E-Commerce Banners

    Understanding how to use banners on your e-commerce store is important in promoting the right message to attract your customer, inform them and increase conversion rates.

  4. Unlocking Social Commerce

    Unlocking Social Commerce

    With more people spending over an hour every day on social media, having a social e-commerce presence is key for any e-commerce store owner. Plus, did you know that 75% of consumers purchase products based on seeing it via a social channel?

  5. Increase Your Holiday Conversion Rate

    Increase Your Holiday Conversion Rate

    As the holidays are rapidly approaching, we thought we’d share some simple ways for you to optimize your e-commerce store this holiday season.

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